About the Study

The We the People Study will equip and empower your church to engage in social, cultural, and political issues from the lens of Scripture. We'll provide all the promotional material you need to successfully market the study to your congregation.

  • Explores American history and the role of faith in America's founding

  • Discusses some of the most pressing issues in America through the lens of Scripture

  • Gives people of faith the tools they need to engage culture and make a lasting impact in the social, cultural, and political landscapes

  • Video Presentations

    The We the People Study Church Bundle includes 9 video presentations by some of the nation's brightest educators and thinkers on American history, politics, and theology.

  • Leader Guide

    As part of the study, you'll receive a helpful leader guide that will aid you as you facilitate discussions and teaching around the video presentations.

  • Optional Participant Guide

    We've developed a rich participant guide that provides weekly enrichment and homework to expand the participants experience throughout the process.

Interested in Hosting a Study?

Let's Impact Culture, Together.

This study will empower your community to stand up and speak out for Biblical values in legislation, the ballot box, and culture. The world is desperately seeking truth, and as the Church, we must be a place that gives truth. Take your ministry, church, or community through this study - it will change everything.


  • How much does the study cost?

    The study + leader guide bundle costs $149.99. This includes the video presentation, leader guide, visuals for the group sessions, and promotional material to help you effectively market the course.

  • Is this study political?

    The study discusses political issues, but not from a political stance. Everything we discuss in the course comes from a Biblical worldview, not from a political party.

  • Can I watch some of the study before purchasing?

    Of course! Shoot us an email at "harrison@theamericancouncil.com and we'll send you a free session to review to see if it will be a good fit for you and your ministry.